Limited Edition - Peru, Huabal
Limited Edition - Peru, Huabal
Limited Edition - Peru, Huabal

    Limited Edition - Peru, Huabal

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    We are delighted to bring you our Limited Edition, In-House Micro-Roast.

    This is a single origin coffee from Huabal, Peru.

    It is roasted in tiny 1kg batches by our Head Roaster Gianluca.

    This coffee is beautifully balanced with taste notes of citrus fruits and toffee.

    We would recommend using it at home as Espresso, with a Moka Pot, as French Press.

    Origin: Peru, Santa Rosa,

    Region: Huabal, Jaén, CajamarcaFarm: La Lucuma
    Variety: Bourbon, Caturra
    Altitude: 1780 masl
    Process: Washed
    Harvest: May–November


    Julio Rafael Gonzales owns a 10-hectare farm where 1.5 hectares are planted with
    6,500 coffee trees, a mix of Bourbon and Caturra varieties. He is a member of the
    cooperative Lima Coffees. Coffee on his farm is picked ripe and depulped either the
    same day or the following day after it's picked, depending on when it's delivered to
    the wet mill. The coffee ferments dry for 20 hours, then is washed three times before
    being dried for 20 days on raised beds.

    Carefully packed, perfect for a special gift for someone that loves coffee. 

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