Ethiopia - Yirgacheffe Aricha Coffee
Ethiopia - Yirgacheffe Aricha Coffee

    Ethiopia - Yirgacheffe Aricha Coffee

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    Bright clean structured acidity gives way to a refreshening mouthful and lingering lavender. Fresh mandarin orange, ripe blueberry, peach & brandy aroma. Honey, cocoa-nib, super sweet.      


    • Blueberry, apricot, peach apricot all prevalent                          
    • Region:  Yirgacheffe
    • Process: Natural 
    • Altitude: 2100 MASL
    • Varietal:  Heirloom Ethiopia Cultivar 
    • Harvest: April - June 

    Ethiopia is considered as the cradle of coffee and famous for the fact that it was in the forest in the Kaffa region where Coffea Arabica grew wild. Nowadays, the countries coffee production is characterised by a typical “smallholder” structure and so the coffee cherries from this particular coffee are being brought to the Aricha processing station from 650 smallholders. Directly after picking only the fully ripe and red cherries are being selected and exposed to the sun on so called “African Beds” in order to dry down carefully to approx. 12% humidity. 

    Carefully packed, perfect for a special gift for someone that loves coffee. 

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