Rwanda - Gitega Hills

    Rwanda - Gitega Hills

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    A special lot from Gitega hills Rwanda.                                     

    • Floral Jasmine, Red berries & Green apples with Bright acidity.
    • Region: Gitega hills.
    • Process: Natural red honey
    • Altitude: 1700 MASL
    • Varietal: Red bourbon
    • Harvest: April - June

    Rwanda is a country full of diversity and rich in fertile lands. The whole country is set on a relatively high altitude, the lowest point being 950 meters above sea level. Earthy swamps and sunny savannahs prevail in the east, while the center is characterized by rolling hills. Volcanoes provide nutritional soils blessing the whole area with verdant slopes. Amidst this scenery in an altitude of around 1,700 meters above sea level, many smallholder producers cultivate the Red Bourbon variety. The Gitega Hills washing station was built in 2015 in the Nyamagabe District, very close to the Nyungwe Forest National Park. It was constructed by Bernard Uwitije, a native pharmacist who saw great potential in the specialty coffee sector.

    The washing station is well equipped with pulping machines, fermentation tanks and 87 drying beds and is able to process up to 700 tons of cherries per year. The station is supplied by around 1200 farmers from Gitega, Karama, Nyanza and Ngara. Two field professionals supervise the farmers and help them to implement the best agricultural practices along the year. Bernard Uwitije also offers some benefits to his partner farmers, such as health insurance, loans, organic fertilizer coming from the compost of coffee cherries and seed for planting pineapples. This lot was dried in 100% of the mucilage, making it more fruity and winey than your typical honey lot. The colored parchment rests for 16 days on the drying beds, developing the extra fruity flavor. Do not miss out on this very special cup from this young washing station!

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