Mexico - El Olmo Natural

    Mexico - El Olmo Natural

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    Origin: Mexico
    Region: Veracruz
    Farm: El Olmo Natural 
    Varietal: Mundo Novo, Marsellesa, Costa Rica 95, Oro Azteca
    Altitude: 1300m
    Process: Natural
    Certificate: Rainforest Alliance Certificate 
    Ripe Plums • Rummy • Cherries Velvet Body • Very Sweet • Balanced

    MEXICO NATURAL EL OLMO El Olmo is located in Teocelo, Veracruz, Mexico, about 20 km South from the capital city of Xalapa. The city of Teocelo is known for producing some of the best coffee in Mexico and for having a permanent program for recycling urban residue. It is surrounded by scenic-green mountainous terrain and beautiful endangered trees that produce white and red flowers named “Olmo“.

    Due to global climate change and various environmental challenges that have affected coffee production, Finca El Olmo with the help of Marcos Aguilar and its 50+ workers have implemented some incredible and unique sustainable approaches. They are Rainforest Alliance™ certified which focuses on advancing community forestry, sustainable agriculture, ecotourism, and environmental education in order to defend the vulnerable landscapes caused by climate change. They have 136 solar panels that provide electricity to the milling process. They grow their coffee under the shade to better support the natural ecology and avoid deforestation. They also plant trees from the coffee pulp which contains damaging acidity. They pasteurize the pulp and convert it into organic fertilizers used to grow vegetables and seed fruit trees. They utilize African drying beds which are proposed to keep the cherries off the ground that then allows air to circulate more freely and evenly. This also allows them to save water and electricity. The altitude of 1,300 meters above sea level together with the shade make the beans mature slower and give a deeper flavor and aroma.

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